Minutes for February Meeting


MINUTES of the Parish Council Meeting 16 February 2021

Virtual Meeting using Microsoft Teams

Present: Cllrs. Mrs J Elliott,  S Crowther,  D Holt,  J Turner

Apologies:. Cllrs M France, L Gilkes.   Cllr Mrs C Chugg

Cllr France said he has no suitable equipment for a virtual meeting and this was accepted by Members. Cllr Gilkes gave no reason for absence and therefore the six-month rule applied and he automatically ceased to be a Councillor.

 In Attendance: Cllr Mrs A Davis.         M J Measures (Clerk to the Council).

Discloseable  Interests: Cllr Crowther, Minute 897

Chairman’s Discretion: Local Plan.

  1.                                                                               Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 18 August 2020 and Monthly Bulletins for October, November, December 2020 and January 2021

The Minutes and Bulletins were agreed as true records. The Clerk was thanked for keeping Members informed with the monthly Bulletins.

  1. Police Report:

Copies of the monthly Reports have been sent to Members


  1. Reports from County and District Councillors.

Cllr Mrs Chugg. No report. A copy of the report from Cllr Mrs Davis was sent to all Councillors and included Barnstaple Town Centre award of £6.5m; NDC Budget; Covid 19 information. A copy of the report is attached to the Minutes

 896: Correspondence.

Copies have been sent to all Councillors


  1. Finance Matters.

The following invoices were agreed for payment: £2160.42 Glasdon UK Ltd.

(purchase of two Civenor Road Signs); £552.00 Dan Perrin Landscapes (installation of two Chivenor Road Signs); £26.00 BeCleanSolar (bus shelters).

The Clerk reported that the balance at 16 February is £3533.37 (this includes the £826 grant from DCC for Chivenor Notice board). Cllr Crowther and the Clerk have both contacted Bovis Homes and had no reply.

CPRE Membership. Cllr Crowther declared a prejudicial interest and the matter was left until the next financial year.

  1. Planning Matters

72594 – The Cottage 49 Wrafton  EX33 2DE. Listed building application for replacement and renovation of walls and to install drainage                          Recommend : Approval

72882 – 6 Orchard Road Wrafton. Extension to dwelling         Recommend : Approval


  1. Parish Council Website and Facebook.

The Council considered the purposes of a dedicated Parish website and Facebook. Cllr Holt asked if we needed both and the Clerk informed Members that the website will carry statutory information eg. Agendas, Minutes, Accounts.

Cllr Turned has already obtained a quote of £499.98 for setting up and registering a website. The Clerk informed Members that he has completed DCC grant forms for this amount for Cllr Mrs Chugg to approve before sending to DCC

Members thanked Cllr Turner for his help in setting up the website and Facebook


  1. Resignation/Co-option of Councillors

Members expressed their disappointment that Cllr Anne Melhuish found it necessary to resign and thanked her for her input. Members also voiced their disappointment that Cllr Gilkes had automatically ceased to be a Councillor as a result of non-attendance under the six-month rule. Members thanked him for his long service as a Councillor. It was agreed to advertise the vacancies for Councillor on Facebook and Parish noticeboards.


  1. Chivenor Road Signs

The Clerk reported that the signs have been delivered and that the contractor has said they will be put up this week.


  1. Heanton Hill Lane/Chivenor Cross

A copy of the report by Cllr Crowther where he thanked everyone for their supprt to make Heanton Hill Lane a designated one-way southbound/downhill lane, had been sent to all Councillors. (copy attached to the Minutes). Cllr Crowther also reported on his attendance at the NDC Planning Committee where he addressed the Committee regarding application 71660 for 59 dwellings and was pleased with the decision to REFUSE the application.


  1. Section 106

The recent Environment Agency clearance of the dead ash trees at Velator pond  was discussed. It was pointed out that there is £12,000 of S106 money allocated to an upgrade project at Velator pond and Cllr Mrs Davis has some funds for tree planting, Cllr Holt reported that Velator pond is part of a large plan for Caen/Velator Wetlands being developed by the Wetlands Working Group of which he is a member. It was agreed that Cllr Holt will contact the EA to enquire about their short-term planns for the site and whether the Council could help.

  1. Chairman’s Discretion. Neighbourhood Plan

Cllr Crowther reported on the reference to the Neighbourhood Plan project during the BDC Planning Committee meeting on 10 February when discussing application no 71660. It was agreed that the project should now be progressed further, in alignment with the Braunton NP project team, led by Sue Prosper.

Cllr Crowther agreed to take the plan forward and asked all Councillors to consider key strategy pillars which they feel could be included.

The meeting closed at 19.57

Posted in Minutes.