Minutes for March Meeting

MINUTES of the Parish Council Meeting 6 March 2021
Virtual Meeting using Microsoft Teams

Present: Cllrs. Mrs J Elliott, S Crowther, D Holt, J Turner, M France.
Apologies: None

Disclosable interests: None.

ln Attendance: Cllr Mrs A Davis. Cllr Mrs C Chugg M J Measures (Clerk to
the Council). One member of the public who “listened in”.

Chairman’s Discretion: Neighbourhood Plan. Snow Warden.

905. Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 6 February 2021
The Minutes were agreed as a true record to be signed at a later date.

906. Police Report:
Copies of the monthly Reports have been sent to Members.

907. Reports from County and District Councillors.
The Report from Cllr Mrs Chugg has been sent to Members and a copy is
attached to the Minutes: includes, children’s services; highways and waste;
hospitality upskilling/reskilling pilot; learn Devon ; Petroc.
The Report from Cllr Mrs A Davis has been sent to Members and a copy is
attached to the Minutes; includes, Barnstaple Town Centre; Budget.
Cllr Mrs Davis thanked Cllr Crowther for his comments to NDC Planning Cttee.

908. Correspondence.
Copies have been sent to all Councillors

909. Finance matters
The following invoices were agreed for payment £26.00 BeCleanSolar (bus
shelters, March);Admin/Accomm £114.72 (Dec/Jan/Feb/Mar);£595.39 North Devon
Council (Feb/March); £499.98 Jonathan Long (production of website).
The Clerk reported that the balance at 16 March is £15135.09 (this includes the
£826 grant from DCC for Chivenor Notice board). Approx £456.00 VAT to be reclaimed.
Internal Auditor: It was agreed to appoint the same auditor as previous years
Bus Shelter Cleaning: It was agreed to continue with BeCleanSolar.
Countryside Contractor: It was agreed to continue with C F Wallis to cut & strim
grass and bushes in the Parish.

910. Planning Matters
72485 – 18 Orchard Road Wrafton. Demolition of existing detached garage together with
single storey extension and two-storey extension Recommend : Approval
73407 – 4 Dunns Close Wrafton. Extension to dwelling Recommend : Approval
72837 – Land at Chivenor Cross. Phase 2 development for the erection of 6 buildings of 28
units for use classes 81,82 and BB Recommend : Approval


911. . Parish Council Website and Facebook.
Members and the Clerk thanked Cllr Turner for his work towards the preparation
and running of the Council Facebook and Website. The Clerk reported he is
waiting for confirmation from DCC for the grant application towards the cost of
setting up the website.

912. Co-option of Councillors
The Clerk said five applications forms have been sent and only two returned at
present. Cllr Crowther proposed that the Base Squadron Commander of RMB
Chivenor should be invited to attend Parish Council Meetings as an ex-officio
member. This was unanimously agreed.

913. Chivenor Road Signs
The clerk reported that the signs have been erected and invoices paid.

914. Velator Wetlands
Cllr Holt reported that he has made contact with the Environment Agency
regarding the use of s106 funds to enhance Velator pond. They have
undertaken to provide some costed options for the Parish Council to consider at
their next meeting (20 April). It was suggested that a small group of Members
should get together as a Steering Group to discuss such matters and produce a
report for discussion at full Council Meeting.

915. Chairman’s Discretion.
Snow Warden. John Monk has retired and it was agreed that Cllr Crowther will
act as Snow Warden for the Heanton area and Cllr Turner for the Wrafton area.
Neighbourhood Plan- Cllr Crowther tabled a draft Content Framework for the
Neighbourhood Plan, for comment (copy attached to Minutes). He asked that
Councillors consider what specific policies or issues should be addressed. It was
agreed to present the Neighbourhood Plan concept, 2019-19 residents’ survey
results and content framework to the Council once the new Councillors were in
place, via a special meeting.
The meeting closed at 19.55



Posted in Minutes.