Minutes for May 4th Meeting


MINUTES of the Parish Council Meeting 4 May 2021

Virtual Meeting using Microsoft Teams


Present: Cllrs. Mrs J Elliott, S Crowther, D Holt, J Turner.

Apologies: Cllr M France. Cllr Mrs Chugg         Discloseable  Interests: None.   

 In Attendance: Cllr Mrs A Davis. M J Measures (Clerk to the Council).

Chairman’s Discretion: Meeting dates

  1.                    Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 16 March 2021

        Information Bulletin April 2021

These were agreed as a true record to be signed at a later date. 

  1. Police Report:

Copies of the monthly Report has been sent to Members.

  1. Reports from County and District Councillors.

The Report from Cllr Mrs Chugg arrived after the meeting and is attached to the Minutes: includes, discussions on the Climate and Ecological Bill which the Council resolved to support; children being given the opportunity to go to a beach  by lobbying Government for more funding; working with the Biosphere at Park Farm; Devon Carers have received a prestigious award from the Health Service Journal.

Members thanked Cllr Caroline Chugg for all her help, support and contribution over a number of years and wished her well for the future.

Cllr Mrs A Davis reported that work on the new leisure centre is on target as is the Ilfracombe Watersports Centre; NDC are to borrow funds towards the High Street refurbishment; a new NDC Planning Manager has been appointed. 

  1. Correspondence.

Copies have been sent to all Councillors 

  1. Finance Matters.

The invoices agreed for payment are listed in the April Bulletin

The Clerk reported that the balance at 31 March was £3058.00 (this includes the £826 grant from DCC for Chivenor Notice board) and the balance at 4 May 2021 as

£6208.58 (includes half-year precept).

  1. The Annual Governance and Accountability Returns, Members agreed the The Certificate of Exemption and the Annual Governance Statement. 
  1. Planning Matters

None received

Cllr Crowther reported on the NDC Planning Committee Meeting where the development at Yelland Quay was discussed. The casting-vote by the NDC Chairman, was to defer the matter for a further six weeks to seek further community benefits from the applicants, particularly with regard to local housing needs. 

  1. Velator Nature Reserve S106 Project Brief.

A copy of the Project Brief prepared by Cllr Holt had been sent to all Councillors.

(a copy is attached to the Minutes). Cllr Holt presented the Brief which gives a possible total cost of approx. £12250.00. Following discussion and comment it was agreed that the Clerk, in consultation with Cllr Mrs Davis, will contact the Environment Agency and North Devon Council to establish the way forward.

It was agreed that the Parish logo should be included on any noticeboards or other material produced. 

  1. Neighbourhood Plan.

A proposed framework had been prepared by Cllr Crowther (copy attached to the Minutes) and sent to Members for comments and suggestions. Cllr Crowther said

he had met with Sue Prosper who is running the Braunton Neighbourhood Plan team and that their objectives and approach are very closely aligned with ours.

He will be meeting their Planning Consultant, Stuart Todd, with a view to co-operation. He will put together a briefing for the new Councillors, when appointed 

  1. Co-option of Councillors

The Clerk said he will send copies of the four applications to Members for  discussion at the meeting on 18 May. Applicants will be invited to attend the meeting on 15 June to be co-opted and to sign their Declarations of Acceptance of Office. The Clerk will notify the applicants immediately after the meeting on 18 May. It was noted that there were no applicants form the Chivenor area.

The Base Squadron Commander of RMB Chivenor should be invited to attend the June Parish Council Meeting as an ex-officio member.

  1. Chairman’s Discretion.

The Annual General Meeting will be held on 18 May 2021 at 19.00, followed immediatlely by the Council Meeting at The Royal British Legion Hall, Wrafton



                                                                                    The meeting closed at 20.05


Posted in Minutes.