Minutes for meeting 15th June


MINUTES of the Parish Council Meeting 15 June 2021

The Royal British Legion Hall Wrafton


Ashley Braunton, Allan Essex, Simon French, Lance Gilkes, Graham Norman signed their Declaration of Acceptance of Office as Councillor for Heanton Punchardon Parish Council The Chairman welcomed the new Councillors and also Cllr Pru Maskell, new Devon County Councillor.

Present: Cllrs. Mrs J Elliott, S Crowther, D Holt, J Turner, M France, A Braunton, A Essex, S French, L Gilkes, G Norman

Apologies: Cllr Mrs Davis. Maj. Mark Woosey

 In Attendance: Cllr Pru Maskell.  M J Measures (Clerk to the Council).

Discloseable  Interests: The Clerk explained the significance.

Chairman’s Discretion: Fly-posting

  1.     Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 18 May 2021

     These were both agreed and signed as a true record 

  1. Police Report:

Copy of the monthly Report has been sent to Members.

  1. Reports from County and District Councillors.

Cllr Pru Maskell highlighted the need for a pedestrian crossing on the A361 at Wrafton. Copies of her report were given to Members and a copy placed with the Minutes. 

  1. Correspondence.

Copies have been sent to all Councillors

Confirmation from North Devon Council concerning the request under the Freedom of Information Act. The response is due no later that 24 June.

  1. Finance Matters.

Invoices agreed for payment: BeCleanSolar £26.50 (June ); C F Wallis £120.00

(June); Admin/Accomm. £65.72 (May/June); GeoXhere Ltd. £63.00 (annual fee).

The Clerk reported that the balance at 15 June is £4804.90 (this includes the £826 grant from DCC for Chivenor Notice board). 

  1. Planning Matters

None received

Cllr Crowther reported that the NDC Planning Committee (which he attended on behalf of the Parish Council) re-considered the Yelland Quay application which was refused by 11 votes to two. In conjunction with the Clerk, Cllr Crowther will write a detailed response to the Planning Inspector regarding the Appeal for application 71660, land at Chivenor Cross. Representations must be with the Inspector by 6 July 2021 

  1. Velator Nature Reserve S106 Project Brief.

In order to inform new Councillors, Cllr Holt gave a brief outline of the current position including the possible cost of approx. £12,250.00 from S106 funds.

  1. Neighbourhood Plan.

Cllr Crowther explained the current position and gave each Member a copy of a

“Briefing to new Councillors on Neighbourhood Plan Project”, “Neighbourhood Plan Survey Results” and “Draft Policy on Prevention of Coalescence”. He stressed the need for the Parish Council to produce a Neighbourhood Plan and asked Members to comment on the information. 

  1. Community Field Wrafton

Cllr Turner reported on the possible use of the field at Wrafton, currently owned by Perrigo, and proposed the purchase of two picnic benches, made from recycled material at a cost of approx £1000.00.  Cllr Andrea Davis has offered to fund this amount from her District Council budget. Cllr Pru Maskell offered support with additional funding, which was gratefully received. Members agreed the proposal and Cllr Turner will contact Perrigo for the necessary written permission to site the two units. The Parish Council will need to provide insurance cover. Cllr Turner will provide the details of the proposed purchase and installation for the Clerk to make the appropriate funding application.

  1. Chairman’s Discretion.

Cllr Gilkes reported more fly-posting in the Parish. The Clerk will contact NDC.

                                                                                    The meeting closed at 20.20




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