July meeting minutes


MINUTES of the Parish Council Meeting 20 July 2021 – The Royal British Legion Hall Wrafton

Present: Cllrs. Mrs J Elliott, S Crowther, D Holt, J Turner, M France, A Braunton, A Essex, S French, L Gilkes, G Norman

Cllr Mrs A Davis and Cllr Pru Maskell attended via Microsoft Teams.

Apologies: Maj. Mark Woosey

 In Attendance: M J Measures (Clerk to the Council).

Discloseable  Interests: New Councillors returned their completed Register of

Interests forms.

Chairman’s Discretion: Signage; Youth Forum

  1. Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 15 June 2021

These were agreed and signed as a true record 

  1. Police Report:

Copy of the monthly Report has been sent to Members.

  1. Reports from County and District Councillors.

Cllr Pru Maskell said County Highways has agreed to do a traffic survey at Wrafton with a view to a potential crossing. Climate Change: the first weekend meeting of the Devon Citizens Assembly was held as part of the Devon Carbon Plan process. Devon Climate Change Event – Back to the Future meeting held last Thursday. A copy of her report was sent to Councillors and is attached to the Minutes.

Cllr Mrs Davis said the planning application is now on the NDC website for the Seven Brethren housing development. She confirmed her support for the £1000

grant from her Councillor fund. The Clerk will action with NDC.

  1. Correspondence.

Copies sent to Councillors unclude: unauthorised advertising on the highway; peninsular transport – shaping the future; UNESCO Bioshere Partnership.

  1. Finance Matters.

Invoices agreed for payment for July: BeCleanSolar £26.50 (July); C F Wallis £120.00 (July)); North Devon Council £595.39 (June/July).

Invoices agreed for August: BeCleanSolar £26.50 (Aug): C F Wallis £120.00 (Aug); Information Commissioners Office £40.00 (annual fee)

The Clerk reported that the balance at 15 June is £3916.51 (this includes the £826 grant from DCC for Chivenor Notice board). 

  1. Planning Matters

73590 – Lea House Chivenor. Extension to and conversion of one dwelling with annexe to for two dwellings.                                                                   Recommend : Approval

73452 – Braunton School and Community College. Replacement of existing 3m high fence with 4.5m high fencing surrounding artificial grass pitch.Recommend : Approval 

  1. Velator Nature Reserve S106 Project Brief.

Cllr Holt said there is no further report and asked about the progress of obtainng the S106 funds. There was some confusion concerning where the S106 funds were coming from and the Clerk said he will Contact NDC.

  1. Neighbourhood Plan.

Cllr Crowther reported that £7495.00 grant funding has been approved. The draft Policy HP/PREVCO as amended was agreed (copy attached to the Minutes).

He said the Parish Neighbourhood Plan must be in conformity with the current ND Local Plan and that we should fast-track our Neighbourhood Plan to include some additional tactical safeguards. It was agreed that Cllr Crowther continue to discuss these matters with the Consultant. (A copy of the full report is attached to the Minutes). 

  1. Community Field Wrafton

Cllr Turner reported that he is waiting for a reply from Perrigo to confirm the agreement to allow the placing of two picnic tables on their field at Wrafton. Cllr Andrea Davis confirmed her agreement to fund the cost  from her District Council budget. Cllr Pru Maskell offered support with additional funding, which was gratefully received. The Clerk will contact NDC.

  1. Chairman’s Discretion.

Cllr Gilkes commented that there are many “signs” in the Wrafton area which need cleaning. It is unsure if they are North Devon Council or North Devon Homes signs.

A copy of a letter from Live Well in Braunton concerning the Youth Forum was sent to all Councillors and Cllr Holt asked Members to consider the questions asked and to inform him so that he may consolidate replies and report back to Council.

                                                                      The meeting closed at 19.45




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