September Meeting Minutes


MINUTES of the Parish Council Meeting 21 September 2021

The Royal British Legion Hall Wrafton

Twelve members of the public attended to ask about a possible housing development in the Local Green Space BRA03(A) between Braunton and Heanton. The Clerk informed them that they would not be allowed to speak in the meeting. In order to assist it was agreed to delay the start of the meeting. Cllr Crowther gave a brief, detailed summary of the Local Plan, Neighbourhood Plan, etc and the Parish Council’s  involvement in trying to achieve information from North Devon Council.

Members of the public thanked the Clerk and Members for their time and input and they left the meeting at 19.35. The Parish Council Meeting started immediately.

In the absence of Cllr Mrs Elliott, Cllr Crowther acted as Chairman

Present: Cllrs.S Crowther, D Holt, J Turner, M France, A Braunton, L Gilkes,

G Norman

Apologies:  Cllrs. Mrs J Elliott, A Essex, S French. Cllr Pru Maskell

Maj. Mark Woosey

In Attendance: M J Measures (Clerk to the Council).

Discloseable  Interests: None

Chairman’s Discretion: Signage, Hedge cutting, Fly-posting

  1. Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 20 July 2021                                                               These were agreed and signed as a true record 
  1. Police Report:

Copy of the monthly Reports for August/September have been sent to Members. 

  1. Reports from County and District Councillors.

A copy of Cllr Pru Maskell’s report was given to a all Councillors and a copy is attacched to the Minutes. It includes: pharmacy situation in Braunton; possible crossing at Williams Arms junction; Public Rights of Way (P3 Scheme); DCC promotional fruit & veg box initiative.

The Clerk will follow-up the matter of Parish Paths Partnersip Scheme.

No report from District Councillor 

  1. Correspondence.

Copies sent to Councillors include: housing crisis in Braunton area; adoption information sessions; Parish Forum; W S Gayton, new premises. 

  1. Finance Matters.

Invoices agreed for payment: BeCleanSolar £26.50 (Sept); C F Wallis £120.00 (Sept); North Devon Council £595.39 (Aug/Sept); Admin/Accomm £87.10 (July-Sep)

The Statement of Accounts at 30 September and 1 October (showing the half-year precept) were agreed, copy attached to the Minutes. 

  1. Planning Matters

74005– Perrigo, Exeter Road Chivenor. Prior notification for installing roof- mounted solar panels on non-domestic buiulding. Recommend : Approval.

The Council expressed some concern that there may be some reflected glare to residents of Heanton Punchardon village and other higher ground .The Clerk will notify NDC of the concern. 

  1. Velator Nature Reserve S106 Project Brief.

Cllr Holt said there is no further report and asked about the progress of obtaining the S106 funds. There was some confusion concerning where the S106 funds were coming from; the Clerk has asked NDC and Cllr Davis for clarification. 

  1. Neighbourhood Plan.

Cllr Crowther gave an up-date on the Neighbourhood Plan Project. The details are attached to the Minutes. 

  1. Community Field Wrafton

Cllr Turner reported that the order for the two picnic tables has been placed with an expected delivery in the next 4-5 weeks. A local contractor is drawing up plans for the proposed path and safety barrier. Members said they could also consider the replacement of the chain-wire fencing. In response to some local concerns it was thought some form of “local monitoring” could take place.

  1. Youth Forum/Skateboard Park.

In response to asking for suggestions to help young people, Cllr Holt reported that Cllr Turner said the Parish Council could look into the possible provision of a skateboard park. The Council agreed to support possible S106 funds to create a skate-board park. A location might be difficult to find but there may well be sites available in the future. 

  1. Fire-Service Response

Cllr Norman asked if a Freedom of Information Act request could be made to show how many times Braunton Fire Service were not available for call-out over a twelve-month period. The Clerk will investigate if a request is possible.

  1. Chairman’s Discretion.

Signage. The Clerk will contact North Devon Homes concerning the cleaning of signs in Wrafton area.

Hedge Cutting. Cllr Norman asked again about cutting back the brambles, etc along the footpaths. The Clerk had contacted DCC with no response but will do so again.

Fly-posting. Cllr Gilkes thanked the Clerk for getting some signs removed but there are still others. The Clerk will contact the Enforcement Officer and request copies of the DCC notice used at the Oasis roundabout to be placed on the Chivenor Cross Park-and-Ride fence.  

                      The meeting closed at 20.24


Posted in Minutes.